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Every woman periodically faces the pleasant necessity of dressing up as elegantly as possible. And each such moment is closely related to the eternal question - how to impress others this time? The main unknown in this task is the evening dress. It is a properly chosen silhouette, a successful fabric color, richness, and elegance of the finishing touches. You will spend a lot of time searching for a suitable option in expensive boutiques, but we offer the optimal solution - to have an evening dress tailored by Margarita Kozak.

We tailor exclusives for any occasion. A luxurious outfit for your anniversary or a friend's wedding. An elegant sheath dress for a formal dinner or an important business meeting with potential partners. A seductive mermaid dress for a romantic date that makes your heart beat faster at the thought of it. And a delicate Greek-style dress that hides the recently appeared belly of an expectant mother.

Having an evening dress custom-tailored provides you with numerous advantages that are not available when buying from a store. An experienced designer will select a silhouette that perfectly suits your figure, age, and event. Professional seamstresses will skillfully and quickly sew the garment according to the sketch created specifically for you. At the same time, you will see that having an evening dress tailored will not cost more than buying it from a branded store, but the quality of the tailored garment will undoubtedly be higher.


Thanks to the lively Chicago nightlife during the Prohibition era, a short dress for alcohol-fueled parties got its name - "cocktail dress." Its elegance is balanced with comfort. A woman can shine, attracting admiring male gazes, but she shouldn't feel constrained. After all, it's clothing for active, fun, and relaxed entertainment in a nightclub, restaurant, or casino.

A cocktail dress usually doesn't have a collar or sleeves. The most popular version is the brainchild of Coco Chanel - the little black dress. Its various variations have long acquired the status of an essential wardrobe item for every modern fashionista. It's also useful to know that a woman with good taste wears either a shortened cocktail dress with a covered top or, conversely, an elongated dress that is open in the upper part.


Prom night is an unforgettable event symbolizing the end of carefree school days. The radiant photos surrounded by classmates, where you are the most beautiful, are memories that last forever, so you simply must look stunning!

On average, choosing the right outfit successfully distracts graduates from exam preparations for several months! But we can greatly simplify everything for you! We await you in our online atelier! Throughout our long history, we have created unique designer looks for hundreds of high school students, many of whom became the true stars of the evening, thanks to the exclusivity of their dresses.

We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding online tailoring of evening dresses! Let's together turn your dreams into reality!