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Not only adult women, but also little girls love to dress up beautifully. Especially when there is a special occasion - prom or some performance in kindergarten, birthday party, First Communion or any other celebration. 

Evening dresses for girls are created specifically to allow your little one to show off and feel the most beautiful in the world. A gorgeous, bright dress will initially create an excited mood for the child, which means that any celebration will be at the highest level. By the way, sewing such a dress is not an easy task and requires time, so try to order a beautiful outfit for your daughter in advance!

Finding an exclusive children's dress of the right style, color, and size in a children's clothing store can be quite challenging. You can spend a lot of time searching for something special in vain, only to realize that tailoring is the optimal solution in this situation. And believe me, it's best to turn to professionals right away! The little clients of our atelier win "Mini-Miss World" competitions in dresses by Margarita Kozak. Who else but us will sew the most gorgeous outfit for your little one for preschool graduation?

Margarita Kozak's Online Atelier sews formal children's dresses for:

  • Graduation from kindergarten;
  • Birthdays;
  • First Communion;
  • Children's performances and parties;
  • "Mini Miss" contests;
  • Flower girl dresses.

Childhood passes by so quickly! Don't miss the opportunity to delight your daughter by tailoring a unique dress for her. A luxurious evening gown is an essential attribute of a true woman. The child senses it on a subconscious level, so in a beautiful dress, the girl will feel absolutely happy, and the upcoming event will leave only pleasant memories.

On our website, you can view photos of Margaryta Kozak's children's evening dresses. They are all made in unique designs from the highest quality fabrics. Your little princess will be delighted to receive such a dress as a gift!

To order the tailoring of a children's dress, please write to us via email, Instagram or messengers! We will be happy to answer all your questions!